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“10 Steps to the Perfect Pool”


If you’re new to the pool buying process, then you’re definitely going to want to get a copy of this highly informative guide. It was written specifically you, the homeowner, to help you make the best possible decisions about your new swimming pool.


By the way – If you’re a little confused (if not downright overwhelmed) by the incredibly long list of available pool options, features and definitions, then you’re going to love the “pool features glossary” at the end of the report. It has 14 pages of photos and descriptions, explaining all the latest pool features and options available. And it’s all explained in easy-to-follow “plain English.”


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Pools & Waterscapes

Pools & Waterscapes Provide

The Ultimate in Landscape Improvement


Custom concrete pools offer the ultimate in personalization and customization. Whether you’re looking for something “simple and budget-friendly” or a world-class, exotic backyard resort, we’ve got the talent and experience to make your backyard remarkable.


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Outdoor Living

Going beyond the Swimming Pool


On the Central Coast, homeowners spend just as much time outdoors as indoors – ESPECIALLY if your backyard is equipped with all the appropriate “creature comforts” of home. Check out our “outdoor living” section for lots of great ideas to make your backyard a “destination spot.”


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Landscape Design & Build

Landscaping Makes Your Entire Yard Look “Complete”


One of our most popular services, our landscape design and build service will give you the yard you’ve always dreamed of, and make all your neighbors marvel at the beauty of your home.


As a Lifetime Member of the California Landscape Contractors Association, we support and promote the professionalism of the landscape industry. And ever-conscious of the importance of water conservation, and mitigating the ongoing Central Coast drought, we’re proud to promote beautiful native plants and grasses as well as other drought-resistant species that are appropriate for this part of the country.


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Landscape Maintenance

We'll Keep Your Backyard BEAUTIFUL


With Our Professional Landscape Maintenance Services


We provide full-service landscape maintenance with an emphasis on Reliability, Professionalism and Consistency. Whether we've installed your landscape or not, we can help you. Just send us an inquiry with our online form, and we'll give you a competitive quote in the next 24 hours.


By the way, our maintenance schedules are designed around YOUR needs, and the needs of your property. Whether that's several times a week, or only once a month, we'll come up with a schedule that makes sense, and gets the job done right. Just click the button below to find out more about our mowing, edging, pruning, irrigation, and aquatic maintenance services.


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About Paradise Environments

Serving California for More Than 35 Years


We’re a family-owned and operated Landscape, Waterscape and Outdoor Living company that provides any and all “outdoor design and build services” that any central California homeowner might need. We offer all of the following products and services to homeowners throughout the central California area:



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